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A Unique VR Accommodation Experience is nominated for a VR Award

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We are a finalist at the VR Awards, a great honour and a reward for following an innovative and creative approach in integrating VR in marketing.

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Our approach is based on a holistic design ethic. We build a brand's image by applying borderless,
collaborative design thinking, focused on the desired
end-user's experience.
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Innovative solutions come about by pushing boundaries. We bring results by facilitating the communication of a coherent vision to both a company's employees and its clients.
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Reinforcing an established brand’s image as a market leader
Upgrading a modern medical practice with a long tradition
Boosting a clinic's performance through design
The team is where it all begins. Malvi's team members come from diverse backgrounds, but we all have a common goal: To create stuff that works.
Maria Malindretou-Vika
Managing Partner / Design Director
Panos Voulgaris
Creative Director / Partner
Kyros Vogiatzoglou
Lead Strategist
Sergio Ko
Creative Director
Giorgio Papadopoulos
Ioannis Ioannidis
Vicky Fiska
Software Engineer
Anastasia Economou
Marketing Communications Specialist
Christos Baferas
Web developer
Xenofon Kontargiris
Legal Consultant
Private Educational Centre
Oh Baby
Kinetic illusions
Embryo Clinic Admin Area
Rethinking the typical hotel room
Tind + MALVI workshop
1940-1950: Divided Memories Exhibition
Meet Marvin
ORL Clinic
Landmark infrastructure
Functional elegance
Socialising space
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We design.
You perform.
Malvi is an award-winning, interdisciplinary design and communication agency based in Thessaloniki, Greece.
Our role is to help you increase your company’s efficiency by working with you in 6 areas
01. Brand Which particular problems does your brand solve?
02. Space Is your working space functional and effective as part of your identity?
03. Communication How will your customer base know the motives behind what you do?
04. Service How can you fine-tune procedures and cultivate customer relations?
05. Image Do you optimise the use of visual media to enhance and reinforce your brand’s image?
06. Product How are your products designed to be usable and fulfil their intended purpose?
We love designing stuff that works We have a holistic, 360o approach to design, communication and marketing, following design thinking throughout a project’s lifecycle.
Together we build a solid growth strategy with the end result in mind.
Guidance We help you set your goals
these are Specific, measurable objectives
Strategy We form a plan to achieve the goals
also known as A growth strategy, or a marketing plan
Design We create the infrastructure
we design and build Your physical space, your website and your visual identity
Communication We execute the plan
we provide support on Marketing, online advertising, staff training and upgrading of your services
Results We measure your results, then evaluate, optimise and iterate
we keep you on target by Creating meaningful reports and improving your performance
Growth We guide your company to evolve
through A rigorously planned and well-executed process
We are based in Thessaloniki, but we love working around the world.
Do you like the idea of improving your company’s performance?
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